Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Simple Libs

For a group of people who generally think of themselves as deep thinkers, liberals sure do love believing that things are exactly how they appear on the surface. I constantly hear liberals pat themselves on the back as being the most inquisitive and intellectually hungry people on the planet. After doing that, they usually snidely refer to conservatives as simpletons who are so dumb they believe things are exactly as they appear. Let's see which people really are the simple-minded suckers who cling to silly beliefs about issues, just because those issues appear a certain way at first glance.

1. Minimum wage laws.

How it seems at first glance: "Oh wow, if you used the power of the government to force companies to pay people a higher amount of money, then everyone will have more money! And thus, everyone will have better lives! This is a great way to help the poor.

How it really is: Minimum wage laws hurt the poor, and they hurt them the most. Minimum wage laws cause employers to do two things: start firing and stop hiring. And who do you think they are hiring and firing? Their lowest level most expendable employees.

Who supports minimum wage laws: Liberals.

2. Increased Access To Welfare

How it seems at first glance: "I believe in helping people. Yay! This will help good people get back on their feet!"

How it really is: We've done this before. Study some history. Say, urban areas in the U.S. in the 1970's. Easy access to government welfare made things worse. Our inner-cities were crumbling with violence, crime and neglect. As Neal Boortz always says: "If you reward bad behavior, you will get more of it."

Who supports increased access to welfare: Liberals.

3. Higher Taxes Are Needed During Tough Economic Times.

How it seems at first glance: Honestly, I can't even tell you how people come to this conclusion. It's absolutely insane. Let me repeat it to see if it makes sense: "Tough Times. So let's have more taxes." Nope, still sounds crazy. I can't even explain how this seems on the surface.

How it really is: Release people from tax burdens and the economy will flourish. Do I really have to explain this? It pains me to know that I do. Still, I won't

Who supports this inanity? Who do you think.

In conclusion, liberals are crazy. I've got like 8 more issues I could use to prove my point further, but I'm already tired of this crap.

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