Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Play By Play

I'm watching the last 20 minutes of the Barack Obama/ABC News lovefest going on right now on my picture-box. It's called "Prescription for America." I'm going to comment on it as we watch.

ABC: All Barack Channel. (I thought that was funny for the first 1/10 of a second after I made it up. Then I remembered I wasn't 13 anymore. I wonder how many "serious journalists" will deem themselves clever for making the same lame joke.

Why is the president telling us his opinions on how we should decide our medical treatments. Last I remember I didn't ask my dermatologist how he would've handled a battle in Fallujah. Besides, I know the answer: He would've perscribed Dovonex for the entire batallion and then advised them to stay out of the sun.

Prez O just asked some guy what kind of insurance he has. That sounds like a question that would've been made illegal... by some unnecessary bureaucrat like Obama.

Ooh, he prounounced "Etc" properly. I'd call him articulate, but that's racist. Seriously though, I wanna shake his hand for "Et Cetera." I will kick you if you say "Excedera."

I think the mole on Obomber's nose is the real brains behind the conversation. (My dentist would've deemed him unfit for combat, due to that same mole.)

You can tell when a reporter, in this case Charlie Gibson, is in the tank for Obama, because Obama forgets to even pretend the questions are tough. And he also gets rid of his "uh, eh, ahhh, uhhs."

Diane Sawyer interrupted the Prez the very second he used the word "investment." Yeah, not a wise word choice for him these days. I know, I know - it's the effect of all the Bush policies. So are dead terrorists, but Obama doesn't bitch about that all the time.

If Sawyer or Gibson asked Obrah for his autograph, it would be funny if he said, "Ya'll already got it. It's on your paychecks."

For a guy who doesn't seem all that religous, Oba Wan sure is preachy.

Some lady in yellow is talking to Obama. She looks like Elizabeth Edwards with a tan. Tans can cause cancer. You know where I'm going with that, so I won't. Not because you wanted me to, but because there's really not a funny joke there. There almost is, but there's not.

Oblahblah's Chicago accent comes out when he says words like "Have to have." He pronounces it "HAYVE to HAYVE."

We're in commercial. I predict that Obama will make a lame twitter reference. Or has he already done it? I don't know. I was watching Chipper Jones until just now. Do you think Chipper tweets? Yeah, you dig my little word thing there. Wasn't that stupid?

Oh, local news time then they will rejoin the Mighty Obamacon on Nightline! I gotta stay up for that because well, because I just can't get enough of that Obamster. I think his mole winked at me.

Ooh, the local news anchor is on now. I drank beers with her and others last week. Her friend got me in trouble and all I was doing was standing there.

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